Uniform Policy & Guidelines

Uniform Policy

The Young Men’s Preparatory Academy Community believes uniforms help create an environment in which students can demonstrate their individuality while eliminating peer pressures associated with physical appearance and the commercial appeal of attire. We believe uniforms display respect for authority, respect for self, individual discipline, and prepare students for the professional work place.

Uniform Guidelines

  • Young men are expected to wear the appropriate uniform daily.
  • Khaki slacks or dress pants must be worn daily and must be worn at the waistline.
  • Jeans, cargo pants, joggers, sweatpants, and shorts are not permitted.
  • Light blue long or short sleeved logo dress shirt must be worn Monday through Thursday.
  • The YMPA tie must be worn Monday through Thursday.
  • Navy or maroon logo polo may be worn on Fridays.
  • If student does not wear school polo on Friday, they must wear their blue dress shirt and tie.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Long sleeve under shirts are not permitted under short sleeve dress or polo shirts.
  • Navy blue blazer with school logo is required on Wednesday.
  • Blazers must be worn on picture days and at special events and ceremonies (including field trips).
  • Sweaters, sweater vests, sweatshirts, and jackets are not allowed.
  • Shoes must be brown or black leather – no sneakers or athletic shoes.
  • Socks – must be solid dark blue, black, or brown.
  • Belts – solid brown or black. No chains, studs, decorative buckles or other ornaments should hang from belts.
  • Hats are not allowed.
  • Jewelry is not allowed. Necklaces must be tucked inside of the shirt and out of sight.
  • Uniforms must be the appropriate size and length.
  • Uniforms must be clean and presentable.
  • All hairstyles should be neat, clean and in keeping with a preparatory school environment.
  • Headphones must not be worn at any time.
  • Students must be in full uniform when they arrive at school.
  • Students must be in full uniform when leaving school for dismissal.
  • Students must be in full uniform whenever they are on campus, including after school hours.
  • Articles of clothing that are outside of the YMPA Uniform Policy & Guidelines are not allowed.

Students are expected to abide by the Uniform Policies and Guidelines. Students who are out of compliance will be required to contact a parent or legal guardian to bring the appropriate attire to the school.

Daily dress code reviews will be conducted and appropriate disciplinary measures will be implemented for non-compliance. A progressive discipline plan will be followed. Disciplinary actions will include, but are not limited to, the following: Verbal Warnings, Referrals, Detentions, Exclusion from Extra-Curricular Activities, Probation and Dismissal from the program.