Principal’s Message

Welcome to Young Men’s Preparatory Academy. I am proud to offer to our community the District’s first single gender boys preparatory high school. Single gender education research indicates boys’ brains develop differently, their brains are wired differently, boys have a sense of hearing seven times less acute than a teenage girl, and boys respond to stress differently, when compared to girls (Leonard Sax, M.D., PhD, Why Gender Matters). These factors and others have been addressed in the physical and curriculum development of this school.

The academy features a small campus, design elements that control light and sound quality within the learning environment, technology-based curriculum programs, rigorous academic programs, a leadership symposium and a focus on responsibility and giving back to the community. We expect for all of our young men to matriculate to a major university.

Young Men’s Preparatory Academy is not just a school it’s a future.


Mr. Pierre Edouard